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NOCE Class Schedule
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College Prep Pre-Algebra
Advisory: ABED 110 College Prep - Basic Math or completion of a comparable Basic Math course. This noncredit course is a review of basic math skills and an introduction to the basic principles of algebra. Topics include: Integers and algebraic expressions; operations on integers, mixed numbers and decimals, ratio, fractions, proportion and percentages; introduction of polynomials; polynomials and properties of exponents; factoring polynomials; solving linear equations and linear inequalities; graphing linear equations; equation solving and informal geometry.

CRNAdditional InfoWhenInstructorFeeStatus
Cypress campus, CYPTE2/201
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Dates: Mar 30 to Jun 24
MW:9:00 am-12:00 pm
STAFFFreeIn Progress: 10 seats open