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NOCE Class Schedule
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Basic Skills (English/Math/Science)
This category includes: Writing, Reading, Literacy, Spelling, Math, Science, G.E.D. preparation, Tutoring as well as Writing for Seniors.
High School
This category includes all training relating to achieving a High School Diploma.
Kids College
This category includes all of our Kids College Courses. There are more then 140 courses in this category in all areas of instruction and fun. You may want to use the keyword search to narrow results in this category.
This category contains our medical occupations training including: Clerical, Pharmacy Technician and Residential Services.
Older Adult
This category lists some of our Older Adults courses. However, we have courses that are designed for the Older Adult in many of our educational categories.
This category includes courses for Parenting Education and Parent and Child Classes.
Personal Enrichment
This category includes: Career Planning, Consumer Education and Driver Education, Nutrition, Personal Health and Science Discovery and Collectibles.
This category provides information about courses we offer to prepare individuals for careers in the travel industry.
Vocational Training
Technical training provided in the following areas: Air Conditioning, Apprenticeship, Auto, Aviation, Bartending, Computer Repair, Construction, Electrical, Electronics, Hospitality Management, Marine Engine Repair, Notary and Shop Training.
This category includes: Business, Finance Management, Office Administration, Real Estate & Supervision.
This category includes: Language, Reading, Sign Language and Speech.
This category includes: Computers, Digital Media, Internet, Microsoft Training & Open Lab Information.
Creative Arts & Cooking
This category includes: Antiques, Arts, Clothing, Cooking, Floral, Home Decorating, Music and Photography
Disabled Students
This category lists classes that are part of our Disabled Students Program.
Early Childhood Education
This category lists our Early Childhood Certificate Program courses.
This category lists classes that are part of our English As A Second language Program. These include Citizenship, Literacy, Open Lab and Workplace Skills.
Exercise and Dance
This category includes our Exercise and Dance classes.